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Welcome to From the Source, a consulting company dedicated to finding and applying cutting-edge information and strategic thinking to helping organizations, communities, and businesses achieve their performance and profit objectives.  The company specializes in strategic philanthropy, sustainable development, artisan food and public policy.  Our first information effort of 2006 is a new publication, Florida’s 21st Century Foundations.





Have you wondered what has happened to foundation development in Florida since the fast-paced growth of the last decade of the 20th century?  We have, and we now have the answer. The Information Resource Center and From the Source are pleased to release Florida’s 21st Century Foundations, a first-ever look at the 929 new Florida foundations and over $1.39 billion in new philanthropic capital formed since 2000.

After years of tremendous growth in the number of new private foundations formed in Florida, the number of new foundations created annually is growing at a decreased rate.  Between 2000 and 2004, 929 new foundations were formed, an overall increase of 38 percent.  Seventy-five percent of these

new foundations were formed before 2003; a total of 251 foundations were formed in 2003 and 2004.

“We’re not surprised at the downturn, given changes in the economy during this period”, said Jo Anne Chester Bander, President of From the Source.  “The good news is that foundations are still forming at a healthy rate and contributing new funds to good organizations and important causes”. 

“While the recent downward trend is something to monitor, I think the overall growth of foundations during this time period is astonishing.  These foundations were created amidst the tragedy of 9/11, the failures, and an economic recession,” stated Kimberly Hughes, President of the Information Resource Center, a consulting firm specializing in information management and research.


We have participated in Florida’s 21st Century Foundations because From the Source values information—what it generates and what others contribute.  More than just another consulting company, From the Source and its website are a place where every visitor’s information and ideas are welcome.  The comments and ideas of our visitors will help shape the evolution of From the Source, particularly in the area of artisan food and sustainable development.    We welcome your comments and participation.  Please use the form available by clicking "Contribute Ideas & Resources" to send us information about your favorite farmers markets, artisan food products and suggestions and ideas for feature articles and sections.  Please let us know what you think about Florida’s 21st Century Foundations and what additional information you want.  As quickly as we collect your suggestions, we will post them to the appropriate place on this site.

From the Source incorporates the life experiences, skills, values and professional relationships of its principal and founder, Jo Anne Bander.  In Bander’s words, “what shapes our lives is a set of experiences filtered over time.  I became interested in economic development in college and responded by going to work first for the Agency for International Development and then Model Cities program.  There is a link between economic development and everything else I have done professionally.  Those links are shaping From the Source.”



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